What Is A Golf Foot Wedge

What Is A Golf Foot Wedge?

The term “foot wedge” in golf generally refers to the illegal use of the foot rather than a club to improve the lie or position of your golf ball. By some, it might also be called the “leather wedge”.

It can also refer to a golf training aid that can help with your balance during the swing.

“Foot Wedge” In Golf Slang

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty when we first started playing golf of kicking the ball into a better position. While you’re learning the game this might be acceptable but if you take golf seriously then you need to stop using the “leather wedge”. While you might still do it if you’re out for a casual round in the evening after work on your own or with your friends. Unfortunately moving the ball with your golf shoe to get out of trouble is most definitely not acceptable if you’re playing under the rules of golf.

Other similar terms include “hand wedge” and “mouth wedge”.

Hand wedge is the slang term to describe a player that likes to throw the ball into a nicer spot. Someone that uses the mouth wedge is someone with a reputation for talking a better game than they actually possess.

Who Uses A Foot Wedge?

I suppose there are two sorts of people that are going to use the foot wedge. The first is someone who’s out for a quick round and isn’t looking to practice hacking out of deep rough or chipping sideways from the trees and just wants to keep moving. The second is out-and-out cheats who are looking to win at all costs. They will think nothing of nudging the ball into a better position for the next shot as long as their opponents aren’t aware of their misdemeanor.

A serious user of the foot wedge!

Is A Foot Wedge Legal?

Unfortunately, no, using your foot to kick the ball is not allowed in the rules. If you were then I’m sure the handicaps of many golfers would be lower than they currently are!

If you were supposed to be playing properly and someone caught you using your foot to move the ball then you would incur a penalty stroke and the ball would have to be replaced.

If all you usually do is play friendly golf with your buddy then maybe you could agree on a set number of foot wedges per round like mulligans.

What Is The Other Type Of Foot Wedge?

In addition to being a bit of golfing slang, there is also a type of golf training aid called the foot wedge.

It is exactly what it sounds like – a wedge shape that you place under your foot to prevent you from swaying in the backswing. You could also use it under your lead foot if you tend to get your weight moving too far to the left.

If you want to check how far you should be hitting your actual wedges then check this post.

What Is A Golf Foot Wedge: Summary

Now you know another piece of golf slang! If you spot your buddies moving their ball in the rough now you know what to call it!

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