When To Use A Lob Wedge In Golf

When To Use A Lob Wedge In Golf?

When To Use a Lob Wedge?

A lob wedge is a golf club with a high loft, usually somewhere between 58 and 64 degrees. This degree of loft is useful for many different shots around the green, such as flop shots, bunker shots, and chips. When faced with a difficult shot around the green, a golfer might choose to use a lob wedge in order to get the ball out of trouble.

The high loft allows them to get the ball up quickly. For example, if you need to hit a flop shot over an obstacle, you could use a 60-degree wedge for this purpose. The higher loft of the lob wedge gives you the ability to get the ball up more quickly which will help you stope the ball more quickly on the green. In summary, when faced with tricky shots around the green or in bunkers it’s wise to use the lob wedge to get your ball out of trouble.

Can you use a 60-degree lob wedge from bunkers?

Yes, you can use a 60-degree wedge from bunkers. It is a great club to help you get out of those difficult lies. The design of the club allows you to open the face and make a much higher shot with less effort. This is helpful in bunkers because it gives you a higher chance of getting out without having to hit too hard and risk flying out over the green. Its loft also helps with spin, giving you more control over your shot and allowing you to land softly on the green. The 60-degree is an invaluable tool for bunker shots and many players will benefit from having such a lofted club in their bag when playing golf.

Although there are a number of coaches who think most amateur golfers shouldn’t get a wedge with more than 58 degrees.

I personally find my lob wedge is great when I am in a pot bunker facing a very steep face!

Who makes the best lob wedges?

When it comes to the best lob, sand, gap or pitching wedge, there is no definitive answer. Every golfer has their own preferences and style of play, so the best wedge for one golfer may not be the same for another. However, if you think tour pros know best then they overwhelmingly choose Vokey wedges. At one time Cleveland wedges were well used on tour but in recent times Vokey has taken over the wedge counts at professional tournaments worldwide.

A lob wedge is going to be your highest lofted club and can more easily get your ball out of tight spots. However, you should also consider adding a gap wedge to your bag if you are looking for more versatility in your shot-making abilities. Ultimately, finding the right 60 degree lob wedge is an individual decision based on what type of golf course you play on and how comfortable you feel with different models. You need to consider the amount of bounce and even sole grind to suit your style of play and the courses you visit most often.

How Far Should You Hit A 60 Degree Wedge?

As with all wedges it is not how far you hit the wedge that counts. You need to be accurate and consistent if you are going to improve your scores. Usually you wouldn’t hit the ball flat out with a wedge shot.

Depending on the speed of your swing and ball striking you might hit a lob wedge between 50 and 100 yards with a full swing.

Lob Wedge
Lob Wedge

Lob Wedge Vs Sand Wedge – Are Both Valuable?

The wedges are some of the most important clubs in a golfer’s bag. Both are valuable and should be included in many players golf bags. The lob wedge has a higher degree of loft than the sand wedge, making it more suitable for shots where you need to get height quickly. The sand wedge is, not surprisingly, designed for shots from sand traps.

For example, if you find yourself stuck in a bunker, then a sand wedge would be your best bet to get out. On the other hand, if you are trying to hit a shot over an obstacle then the lob wedge will give you a better chance. Ultimately, both wedges have their own special uses and should not be overlooked when it comes time to choose which clubs to include in your golf bag. 

Do I Need A Lob Wedge In My Bag?

Should you carry a lob wedge in your bag? Some of the worlds best coaches think the majority of amateurs would be best sticking to wedges with lofts no higher than 58° which only just counts as a lob wedge. This is because the excessive loft can make it difficult to judge how far you will hit the ball.

Lob wedges have really only come about in the last 25 to 30 years as the lofts on other irons have been gradually strengthened by club manufacturers. One of the greatest exponents of the short game in history never used more than 56 degrees – Seve Ballesteros!

Should High Handicappers Use A Lob Wedge?

Golfers who are high handicappers should think twice before using a lob wedge. The average golfer might start to struggle with a wedge that has 60 degree loft. 

It can become difficult to get the correct strike and therefore get consistent trajectory and distance when using such a high lofted wedge. For this reason instructors like Butch Harmon suggest using a 58° wedge at most.

When to use a lob wedge?

Should I chip with a lob wedge?

In Phil Mickelsons hands a lob wedge is the most versatile of all the wedges available. He can perform Houdini -like escapes from all sorts of situations. Remember however that he has spent years honing his craft and probably spends many hours a day working on perfecting these tricky shots.

Generally speaking amateurs would be better off using as little loft as possible most of the time when trying to chip a golf ball. The old adage your worst putt will be better than your worst chip is worth bearing in mind.

Unless you have no choice but to hit the ball high then your best chance to get the ball close would be to use your putter. You should only resort to using loft where you need to clear an obstacle.

When To Use A Lob Wedge In Golf: Summary

So there you have it, a lob wedge is more of a speciality club for getting you out of difficult situations. Need to pitch the ball over a tree? Ball sitting down in deep rough? Facing a very steep bunker face? Then all of these are ideal situations to play a lob wedge shot.

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