Golf Wedge 56 Or 60

Golf Wedge 56 Or 60?

If you’re new to golf then you might not be hundred percent sure which clubs you need to buy. Wedges in particular might be confusing with multiple lofts and that’s before you start to look at bounce angles or grinds! Let’s try and clear up your confusion…

What’s The Difference Between A 56° And 60° Wedge?

Mainly it’s going to come down to the degrees of loft built into the club and therefore the distance you are likely to be able to hit the ball with a full swing. The more lofted the club the shorter the distance it is going to travel. Depending on your clubhead speed you could see anywhere from 8 to 20 yards difference between the clubs. 56° is the traditional loft for a sand wedge while 60° is usually called a lob wedge.

When to Use a 56 and 60 Degree Wedge?

The 56 and 60-degree wedges are some of the most versatile golf clubs in the bag. They are extremely useful for a variety of shots, including getting out of sand bunkers, chipping onto the green, and even lobbing the ball over trees or other obstacles. A golfer should use a 56 and 60 degree wedge when they need more loft than their regular chipping clubs can provide in order to get the ball close to the hole. To have a good short game you’ll need to get comfortable with your wedge shots from a variety of lies and positions around the golf course.

What Is A 56 Degree Wedge Used For?

A 56 degree wedge is a specialized golf club known as a sand wedge. It is often used to get the ball out of a bunker or around the green. Many golfers also use it for their approach shots. A 56-degree wedge can be combined with other wedges, such as the pitching wedge and gap wedge, to create an optimal set and give the golfer multiple options when faced with difficult shots. 

The 56° wedge is often referred to as a sand wedge because that is where it excels the most and many players use it when stuck in bunkers or deep roughs. Generally, these types of wedges have a fair bit of bounce in order to help you escape from the sand.

What Is A 60 Degree Wedge Used For?

A 60° wedge is an increasingly popular club. The extra loft makes it ideal for short pitch and chip shots where you need to carry a hazard such as thick rough or bunker. A 60° can be one of the more versatile wedges in your bag. As well as delicate lob shots you can use it in bunkers when you need some extra elevation.

Although some players find distance control more difficult when using a wedge loft of 60° or more.

Do You Really Need A 56 or 60° Wedge?

When it comes to golfing, having the right wedges in your golf bag is essential. Many golfers have both a 56-degree and 60-degree wedge in their golf bag, giving them the flexibility to adjust their approach shot depending on the situation. The 60-degree wedge is great for when you need a little extra height on the shot, while the 56-degree wedge gives you more control and accuracy when hitting off of tighter lies.

If you are looking for even more versatility, some golfers also carry a 64-degree wedge as well. Do you really need a 56 or 60° wedge? For many golfers, having both wedges in their golf bag is essential, but if you are new to the game or just want one club for versatility, then going with either a 56 or 60-degree option will do just fine.

Should Beginners Use A 60° Wedge

If you’re still pretty new to the game then you may find it difficult to judge shots using a 60°. Average golfers would probably be better off sticking to 56° as their maximum loft. Once the game improves and they have a wider repertoire of shots then they could think about a more customized selection of wedges to include a 52° and a 60°.

How Far Should A 56 Degree Wedge Go?

Generally speaking, if a golfer uses a full swing with a 56-degree wedge, it will travel approximately 90 yards if they have a club head speed of around 90 mph. 

Club golfers will probably hit a full shot in the region of 80 to 100 yards depending on their swing speed and quality of strike. Male tour professionals will probably carry the ball around 110-120 yards with a club of this loft. Bryson DeChambeu hits his 53° 139 yards

How Far Does A 60° Wedge Go?

A 60-degree wedge is a golf club designed to create a high, soft shot that lands softly on the green. It is used for more precise shots around the greens and from shorter distances than other clubs. The distance of a shot with a 60-degree wedge will depend on many factors such as swing speed, angle of attack and type of golf ball used but generally speaking most golfers can expect a typical shot with this wedge to land between 70 and 90 yards away depending on these variables.

Bryson DeChambeau carries his 58° wedge 124 yards!

What wedges should a beginner carry?

When it comes to golf, wedges are essential clubs for any golfer, especially beginners. A beginner should carry at least two different types of wedges: a sand wedge and a pitching wedge. Sand wedges have the highest loft angle (typically 54-56 degrees) and are designed to get you out of bunkers and soft lies around the green. Pitch wedges have a lower loft angle (45-48 degrees), which makes them useful for shots from tight or firm lies. They can also be used for more full swings from the fairway. With these two basic wedges, a beginner will be able to handle most situations on the course, both in and around the green.

56 or 60?

Golf Wedge 56 Or 60: Summary

While all players will no doubt benefit from having a sand wedge in their bag beginners and higher handicappers might struggle to make the best use of a lob wedge. Once you have more experience and have lowered your handicap you can start thinking about specialty wedges like the lob wedge and also whether you need to have different combinations of bounce or different types of sole grind.

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