Why Are Golf Lessons So Expensive

Why Are Golf Lessons So Expensive?

If you’ve ever gone for a golf lesson with a qualified professional or even just considered it, it’s likely you are aware of the cost of such a service. And it doesn’t come cheap. Going for a series of lessons can quickly burn a hole in even the deepest of pockets. And it’s not like there’s just one type of lesson either. There are group lessons, putting lessons, short game lessons, on-course lessons, full game assessments, long game lessons and more! Each of these varies in price and the unfortunate part of it is that they can all cost a hefty amount of money.

This article will look at the different costs of golf lessons, starting with the standard driving range instructor right up to the elite coaches to the stars such as Butch Harmon and Hank Haney. It will also go through the pros and cons of lessons and debate whether or not they are actually worth the money. Finally, we will explore the frequency at which golfers should get lessons and estimate how many lessons it will take for them to see improvements in their game.

How Much Do Golf Lessons Cost?

The cost of golf lessons varies depending on the type of lesson being given, the length of the lesson and the experience of the teacher. Typically, the shortest lessons will last 30 minutes, and the general cost from a driving range instructor will be between $30-$60. For an hour-long session expect prices to be somewhere around the $50-$100 mark. These lessons generally focus on the long game.

On the other end of the scale, there are people like Butch Harmon, Hank Haney and Dave Pelz. These are elite teaching professionals who have coached some of the world’s best golfers and have a wealth of experience behind them. Their lessons are not geared towards the Average Joe with prices that will make your eyes water. Harmon charges $1,500 for an hour lesson, Hank Haney prices are set at $15,000 per day while Dave Pelz apparently charges a huge $25,000 per day.

Now that $50 half-hour lesson you had doesn’t seem so expensive!

Prices can vary depending on content. Some teaching professionals carry out clinics or group golf lessons at reduced rates for the participants where they don’t get the benefit of one-to-one coaching. Others run short game and putting lessons. These will generally be around the same price as a long game session though prices can vary depending on the instructor’s expertise.

Some will charge extra if you want to be filmed or hit balls on a launch monitor like Trackman or Flightscope.

Why Should You Take Golf Lessons from a Golf Instructor?

Professional Advice

Teaching professionals know what they’re about. They can see most faults just by looking at someone’s swing and will be able to suggest solutions to fix it. They will also work with you on a variety of drills that will suit you personally and help you progress as quickly as possible.

You’re Not Enjoying Golf and Want to Score Better

Golf is supposed to be enjoyable. But by God it’s frustrating. And there’s nothing worse than getting out on the course and then shanking and thinning the ball all over the place. Not being able to score and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played can be extremely demotivating. A lesson or two will help golfers strike the ball better and make the game much more enjoyable. While it is possible to improve your game on your own it’s likely that the quickest route to success will be to take lessons from a qualified PGA professional.


Looking past the monetary hit, golf lessons are fun. Whether it’s your first time or your 101st time, golf lessons always show up something new in the golf swing. A little nugget that helps the golfer understand the game better or a special fix in their swing. There’s also the possibility of having your swing videoed. This is something that never gets old. Getting visual feedback and seeing your errors and progress is hugely beneficial.

Beware YouTube

There is so much swing information readily available that it might seem like there is no point in getting a lesson. Every bit of advice you ever need is there for free on the internet. But the truth is, it’s unlikely to suit you. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. YouTube offers a one-size-fits-all approach. Unfortunately, golf is not a one-size-fits-all game and by implementing some of the fixes you see on screen, you might be harming your game.


If you don’t want to pay for golf lessons then that’s up to you but if you go down the wrong path you might end up swinging in a way that makes you more prone to injury. Elbow tendonitis, back, hip and knee issues are all common golf-related injuries. The odd private lesson might be worth it now and again just to make sure you aren’t putting unnecessary strain on your body.

Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

If you are able to afford them then yes, golf lessons are worth it. They can bring so much benefit and enjoyment to the game that they make the cost look insignificant at times.

How Often Does It Make Sense to Get a Golf Lesson?

While there is no hard and fast rule to this, we believe a lesson every two weeks would probably be suitable. This gives you time to be able to practice between lessons, bed your swing changes in and even get a few rounds on the course to map out your progress.

How Do I Find A Qualified Instructor?

The majority of golf facilities will have experienced instructors who can help you with your game. If you are looking for individual lessons then you will want to find someone with a teaching style that is compatible with the way you learn, particularly if you are an experienced golfer looking to improve. Make sure they have been accredited by their national PGA. This shows they should know what they’re doing!

Here are some links to help you locate a professional

PGA of America

PGA in the UK

PGA of Canada

Australian PGA

PGA of New Zealand

What Types Of Golf Lessons Should I Take?

It’s best to try and focus on the areas of your game that are weakest. If you struggle to make solid contact with the ball then a long game lesson can help lower your handicap. Struggling with chipping or escaping from a bunker? A quick short game refresher might untangle your brain! Three-putting dragging down your scores? A putting lesson could be the cure. Maybe your game is fairly sound technically but you tend to make some poor decisions during a round of golf.  In this case, a playing lesson out on the golf course could help you work out what is going wrong and help you to play golf the way you’d like!

If you are just starting and want to go all-in then you could sign up for a golf school. These are intensive residential courses that might run for 2-5 days covering all aspects of the game of golf and will involve multiple lessons from different pros who might be experts in different parts of the game.

lessons are expensive
Lessons are expensive!

How Many Lessons Will I Need to Get Better at Golf?

How long is a piece of string? The results depend on so many different factors. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably need to get a few lessons. If you’re someone who has played the game for a while and noticed a sudden drop off with a certain part of your game, maybe all you need is one lesson and a quick fix. And if you’re looking to get to the next level, say from a mid-handicapper to a low handicapper, you will need a number of lessons.

Some people say 3-5 lessons are enough to start seeing a noticeable impact in your game. This may be true, but you won’t know until you go and discuss it with your teaching professional.

Can I Save Money On Golf Lessons?

Unlike equipment, lessons don’t tend to go on sale for Black Friday! However, many good instructors will offer reduced prices if you book a series of sessions with them. You might need to book as few as 3 lessons to get a preferential rate. Another possibility that might be the best way for beginners to learn the game is through group lessons. Learning golf this way with other people at the same skill level as yourself can be beneficial and you might be able to find potential playing partners this way too!

Why Golf Lessons May Not be Right For You?

If you aren’t interested in practicing then it’s unlikely that taking a lesson from a pro will have much effect on your performance. Ingraining a new move into your swing takes time usually so if you aren’t going to commit some time to work on the issues identified by the instructor then you will have wasted your money!

Lesson Costs

Why Are Golf Lessons So Expensive: Summary

As we have seen, golf lessons can be expensive. Even at the most basic level, they can cost $60 per half hour while at the most elite level, instructors are charging jaw-dropping prices.

Golfers who won’t be impacted by the financial burden of golf lessons should definitely consider getting them. They can really help your golf game while also making it more fun and enjoyable. Just how many you will have to take before seeing results is dependent on your goals and the changes required in your swing. This is something you should discuss with your teaching professional.

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