Should You Join A Golf Club

Should You Join A Golf Club?

If you are a keen golfer then you might have been deliberating on whether to take up membership of a golf club or not. There are plenty of positives to being a club member but also a number of negatives too. Let’s run down some of the things you need to answer when thinking about whether you should become a member of a club.

Why Is Golf Membership So Expensive?

In some parts of the world, club membership can be horrendously expensive. Six-figure initiation fees and annual dues of almost as much would be impossible for all but the wealthiest of individuals. On the flip side, it’s still possible to join some very nice clubs for around $1500 per year or even less!

$30 per week for unlimited golf doesn’t seem too bad to me!

Unfortunately maintaining a golf course requires lots of staff and equipment especially if you want a course in pristine condition all year round. Irrigation and drainage systems can cost a small fortune to install and run. If you have a large, well-staffed clubhouse then that can also e a significant cost to bear.

Should you become a member?

What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Golf Club?

Joining a club has many benefits. Competition is one of the biggest. A handicap is another big benefit of being a member. You have access to tee times at the club, which means you can play an unlimited amount of golf (depending on exactly what type of membership you get). You can also access other benefits, such as discounts on food, merchandise and lessons.

You should always be able to find someone to play with. Generally speaking, members’ courses will be in better condition than pay-and-play or public access courses. They are also likely to be less crowded.

It should be somewhere you are happy or even proud to bring guests.

You may have the opportunity to play matches at other private clubs in the area or even overseas! Certain clubs can be very prestigious and would carry a certain cachet if you were a member.

Private clubs will usually arrange many social events throughout the year so the club can often become an important part of all aspects of your life.

Do You Want A Golf Club Or A Country Club?

If you’re wondering whether you should join a country club or a golf club, it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to play golf and have access to a golf course, then a golf club membership is probably the better choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for more social activities and amenities, then a country club might be a better fit. Ultimately, it comes down to what you want and what’s available in your area. It is also down to what you can afford. Typically a country club will be more expensive.

What Is The Initiation Fee?

The initiation fee is the club’s way of making sure that only people who are truly committed to the club join. The fee is used to cover the costs of things like the clubhouse, equipment, and other longer-term capital projects. It also allows the club to screen out members who might not be a good fit.

What Other Questions Should You Ask About Country Club Membership?

Some questions you may want to ask about membership include:

  • what is the initiation fee?
  • what are monthly/yearly dues?
  • what is the minimum number of times you must play per month/year?
  • Are there limits on how often you can use the facility?
  • are there any discounts for being a member?
  • what amenities does the club offer?
  • how difficult is it to get a tee time? 

Can I Be A Member Of More Than One Club?

Yes, you can be a member of as many clubs as you can afford. However, you can only have one home club when it comes to your handicap. You will have to nominate one club as your “home” club. They will be responsible for the administration of your handicap.

Is It Worth Being A Member Of A Golf Club?

From a purely financial point of view, it’s pretty easy to work out whether becoming a member is cost-effective. Generally speaking, if you play once a week or more then it’s usually cheaper for you to become a club member.

This is of course assuming you are allowed unlimited golf as part of your membership package. Some clubs will offer you a cheaper membership where you have to pay a reduced green fee every time you play. It would be up to you to work out how often you are likely to play see whether it would make financial sense.

In addition, members can participate in club events and leagues. Clubs also offer social events and activities for their members.

So, if you’re looking to join a club, it can definitely be worth it! You’ll save money compared with paying green fees and have access to all the great amenities that clubs have to offer.

Joining a club can be great if you move to a new area since you should have loads of potential friends to play golf and socialize with.

What Does A Golf Membership Include?

A golf membership usually includes access to a golf course and possibly a country club. It may also allow you to play golf at other courses, use a driving range, and get discounts on green fees elsewhere. If you want to be a member of either type of club, you will likely have to pay an initiation fee as well as monthly or annual dues. Some clubs also require that you maintain a certain handicap. You may also need to spend a monthly minimum on food and beverage in the clubhouse.

The Downside Of Golf Membership

The biggest drawback of being a club member is that you may feel limited to playing all your golf at the club rather than spending more money on green fees elsewhere. It really depends on how likely you think you are to become bored playing the same course all the time. If you prefer lots of variety then membership may not be the right choice for you.

Clubs usually organize lots of matches and competitions which will mean the tee will be closed fairly often. If you are not that keen on entering competitions or matches initial restrict your opportunities for playing golf.

You may have to pay a large joining fee or initiation fee when you first sign up. Depending on your financial circumstances this might be a significant burden on you.

Benefits Of Joining A Golf Club

There are many benefits of joining a club, such as having almost unlimited access to a golf course, being able to obtain an official handicap, and joining a club that can help improve your game. If you want to play lots of golf then joining a golf club is a great way to keep your costs down. You can also use the club’s practice facilities to hone your game. Most clubs will have professional staff that will give golf tuition to help you improve.

Should You Join A Golf Club: Conclusion

It may largely depend on where you live. If there aren’t any options in your price range then you may have no choice but to continue paying green fees. There are a lot of benefits to being a member so you really should give it some consideration and take a look at the clubs near you.

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