Golf Swing Tips To Hit The Draw

Golf Swing Tips To Hit The Draw

Are you looking for ways to hit a draw with your swing? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Hitting a draw with your golf swing is an impressive skill to have and can help you to gain more control over your golf ball.

When most people think of a draw, they imagine a powerful golf shot that is hit with a strong right-to-left curve. This can be an effective shot to have in the arsenal for every golfer. Learn how to shape the ball so you can maneuver the ball around a tree or hold the ball against a crosswind.

What you don’t want to do, however, is adjust your swing too much to hit this shot or to hit a fade. The more variables you introduce the more difficult you will make it to repeat your swing so my advice would be to try to stick to a couple of adjustments to your address and alignment rather than fiddling with your takeaway, grip et cetera.

What Is A Draw Shot In Golf?

A draw shot is one that curves from right to left through the air (for a right-handed player). A draw ball flight starts a little to the right of your target line and then moves left in the air to finish on the target. This is the opposite of a fade shot which will move from left to right in the air.

How Do I Hit A Draw In Golf?

Recent advances in launch monitors and high-speed photography allow us to better understand how the clubface and swing path affects the flight of the golf ball. In order to shape the ball from right to left you need your club face to be closed to the swing path. However in order to get the ball starting to the right of the target you need the clubface to be open to the target line at impact since this is the overwhelming factor that determines the start direction for the golf ball.

Tips On How To Hit A Draw

There are a number of ways you could learn how to hit a draw but I think the following method is by far the simplest.

Close Your Stance

Rather than trying to change the mechanics of your swing, it’s much easier if you can keep it fairly consistent. Because you need to have a swing path from in-to-out you should aim your feet, knees, hips and shoulders to the right of your intended target.

You should aim your clubface along the ball to target line though or perhaps slightly to the right. This is because you want the ball to start right of your target and the clubface dictates around 80% of the starting direction of the golf ball. You have to have the club face closed to the path however to create the right to left spin for your draw.

If you swing along the line of your feet you should be creating a path out to the right with a club face closed to that path and voila a draw.

Move The Ball Back In Your Stance

The position of the ball in your stance can have a great effect on your swing path. Moving the ball further back, say toward the middle of your stance should lead to you approaching the ball more from the inside giving you the in-to-out path required to hit a draw.

You will probably need to experiment a little bit with exactly how closed your stance needs to be and how far back you should play the ball in order to get the amount of draw you desire.

Additional Tips For Hitting A Draw

There are a few other tips that can help you learn how to draw the ball.

Stronger Grip

Some teaching professionals may suggest you strengthen your grip slightly to make it easier for you to close the clubface through impact. If you tend to have a weak grip that normally produces a slice then this could help you close the face angle when you want to hit a draw.

Turn Your Knuckles Down

if you tend to be more of a feel player then try to work on turning the knuckles of your lead hand down as you go through the shot. If you practice this move slowly you will see that you are closing down the clubface which is what you need to do in order to be able to hit a draw.

Try to maintain a nice tempo and resist the urge to hit at the ball. Try to avoid an over the top move as that will destroy your chance of a draw.

Martin Hall on hitting a draw

Golf Swing Tips To Hit The Draw: Summary

So, in order to hit a draw you need to approach the ball from the inside with a closed club face relative to the swing path. The bigger the difference between your swing path direction and the angle of the clubface the more sidespin you will put on the ball. If you want to know more about the ball flight laws then check out this post.

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